EPIC® is committed to helping exhibitors improve lead capture and exhibiting ROI. We offer full service lead retrieval systems with a variety of user options. All EPIC® units have redundant back-up files and our most popular systems send the leads directly to the internet so there is no need for downloading after the show. Below is a description of our various units.


The Diamond package is a portable scanner with full color display. Your leads are stored on the unit and are also uploaded real-time to a leads website that you or your associates can access from any internet connected PC. Similar to a touch screen PDA / Smartphone you can enter notes via the touch screen interface to further qualify your leads. This unit offers prize-drawing functionality.

This unit is battery powered and does not require electricity.

Wireless Bluetooth Printer

You can now have the best of both worlds! You can have the portability of the wireless scanner with the ability to write notes on a paper printout. You can rent a portable, battery operated printer that will connect via Bluetooth to one or multiple Diamond units. You can walk around your booth, while still having the benefit of a printer!

Bluetooth printers are only compatible with Diamond units.


This package comes with a high-powered Laser Scanner, connected to a GPRS capable desk top unit with touch screen interface, color video display and built-in printer. Leads are saved to website you can access in real-time in addition to an internal compact flash card for data protection. Since the leads write directly to the web there is no need to download after the show. Simply return your unit and walk away. Each unit comes with 20 standard follow-up codes. You get the security of a printout along with your leads on-line and no wait! This unit offers prize-drawing functionality.

This unit requires electricity.


This unit scans the badge and provides a printout of all leads. This unit does not provide a USB Memory Drive.

This unit requires electricity.

Lead Retrieval Feature Comparison Chart


Paper printout

Leads stored on unit

Leads uploaded to web

Battery Powered


Touch screen note taking

Prize drawing option

Quantity discount




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