When it comes to outsourcing elements of a show, you need more than just a vendor. You need a trusted partner who can complement your show and enhance the customer experience. Your event is unique and deserves a company that caters to your needs with specifically designed plans to meet your goals and objectives. In essence, you need an innovative, industry-leading company like EPIC®.


EPIC's® services begin by assisting the show organizer in building a plan that makes attendee registration and exhibiting at the event a painless and trouble-free process. We begin all events with a pre-show meeting to include the project manager, and one other manager, to review past experiences, event objectives and build a plan that meets those objectives.


We provide advanced registration for events where we receive contact information via fax, mail or over the internet and produce the required credentials, badges and tickets for attendees to gain admittance into the show and any specific events. This process may include the collection and/or accounting of associated fees for attending specific events.

We also design and develop web registration pages linked from our clients show site to the EPIC® website for easy internet registration. In addition, we provide a live web based reporting site that allows our clients to view real-time registration activity as it occurs anywhere in the world. We handle customer service with a staff of professionals who have been specifically trained about your event.


On-site we plan, staff and equip each show with the people and equipment to provide credentials for new registrants and/or advance registrants requiring changes or replacement credentials. We train, coach and supervise a staff of temporary labor qualified in the different on-site functions required to deliver the event. We build assisted registration stations, self-registration stations and satellite registration stations depending on the requirements and specific objectives of our client.

We have innovative system improvements to minimize on-site cycle time. This includes our new dual screen self-registration systems, which reduce labor costs and speeds up registration, our Qwik Scan registration system, which reduces cycle times by 50% and our surefire back-up, which prevents our system from failing and avoids possible delays.


We understand how important exhibitor retention is for an event and we go out of our way to make our services user friendly for exhibitors. EPIC's® exhibitor services include the production of badges for exhibiting companies as well as the rental of electronic lead retrieval equipment. Badges are produced with an accompanying two-dimensional bar code that holds all contact information on each attendee and allows exhibitors to instantaneously capture that information wirelessly. This allows for easy follow-up with prospects after the show. In addition to lead collection equipment we also offer for sale electronic database sales before and after the show when authorized by our client.


We have built database integration interfaces with a wide variety of membership systems to allow for live validation of membership status. We have even integrated with customer developed web registration systems and have a set of published components to allow our clients to easily integrate with our systems. This makes it easy for your members to obtain preferred pricing and member benefits without having to make multiple phone calls.


We can track attendance at educational sessions and offer a personal web based system so attendees can print transcripts on the web. We have systems that can track those who attended an event, as well as limit approved attendance to those who spent a minimum amount of time in each session. We can capture attendance via tickets, rosters, bar coded badges or RFID depending on client budgets, preferences and any special licensing requirements.


We can provide a fully integrated registration and housing solution or use your housing company of preference. Either way, we have the ability to push registration data to your housing provider to make entry seamless for attendees and provide the database for your housing company to maximize use of your block. During the event we have cost-free systems for 100% auditing the use of your block and help find attendees who may be utilizing your housing options within your block despite not booking through standard channels.


EXPOBrander® is a revolutionary product that changes the way show organizers market their events by getting exhibitors involved in the process. ¬†Any exhibitor who signs up for EXPOBrander® will be given show organizer approved logos that can be placed on their website to direct visitors to sign up for their upcoming event, ensuring their customers know about your show. Exhibitors can also send out customized emails to all of their customers through the exhibitor portal. Show organizers get the benefit of having more people attend their show, while exhibitors with an EXPOBrander® website have access to leads before the show begins.

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EPIC® has worked in partnership with Sherpa Technologies to develop what we believe is the best mobile show platform on the market. The mobile show platform offers a great tool to connect your attendees and exhibitors while putting important details about your event in the palm of their hand. The platform includes the functionality to display communications that can be scanned directly from smart phones in self-registration on-site, a rich user interface including a complete Show Planner where users can bookmark exhibitors and sessions of interest and add them to their agenda, complete exhibitor and session searches and even a show floor map with the ability to view routes from booth to booth.


EPIC® is committed to helping exhibitors improve lead capture and exhibiting ROI. We offer full service lead retrieval systems with a variety of user options. All EPIC® units have redundant back-up files and our most popular systems send the leads directly to the internet so there is no need for downloading after the show.

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